Tango Android


Tango for Android is the famous Tango video calling application applied to the Android operating system.

With Tango for Android can quickly download this application and on any Smartphone or Tablet based on Android.

Download Tango for Android and can communicate with all users of Android, iPhone, PC and other terminals that have Tango installed on their devices worldwide.

With the App you can make video calls, video conferencing, voice calls and send instant messages via chat at zero cost.

In addition to making calls and messages, Tango allows you to send funny animations as hearts and many other examples.

Tango for Android works over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G, and is much faster to install and configure than its big competitor Skype. This application is very similar to WeChat, Viber or WhatsApp. With it you can make calls, send text messages, share pictures and many other options available in other chat apps. If you want to know more about this app is still reading

Tango also allows the possibility of using the front and rear camera Smartphone, and change the communication mode video to audio when you want.



To install app on a smartphone requires an Android OS 2.2 or higher.

The installation of the application using the APK file requires the activation of the "Unknown Sources" in Settings>Applications.


To download Tango for Android in the first place we go directly to Google Play and look Tango.

Once we found it, we press on Tango and start downloading.

Appear million downloads made and indicates that weighs 17.53 MB. Keep in mind that the most Tango application downloaded .

Click on Install and then a screen appears with the terms and conditions. We click OK.

           Tango for Android calls and messages

We waited a while for it to download, and when it ends directly create a shortcut on the screen of the Smartphone.

When installation is finished, click the icon of Tango. From now on we have to check. In the screen appears the country code, and we have to put our phone number, email address and full name. We click Save.

Then we send a verification code to the phone number we have noted. We put this code and we click Submit.

Finished the whole process, we appears automatically all our contacts we have installed in Tango, both phone memory and the SIM card.


Once installed , to open the application, up on the screen appears several icons:

Make a video call is easy. We click on the contact and initiate the call. It takes about twenty seconds for the camera to turn on the two users and both can be seen.

When we talk we have three options: Hang the call, Enable video and disable the sound.

                           App for PC or android and other operating systems

The call quality is very good if you use Wi-Fi, but when we use 3G connection depends on our coverage. Instead, the video quality is not excellent, but it is more than acceptable, considering the optimization has been performed to control the data traffic spending (450 minutes of video calls spends approximately 2GB). Tango uses the format H.264 video and AAC audio.

The calls take to reach their destination more than a normal phone, because if the contact does not open Tango application, must activate it before answering. Also, depending on phone that has the user, time wait may be longer.

The quality of video calls via Wi-fi and 3G is good, and can be done from anywhere, unlike other similar applications like FaceTime of iPhone that only works via Wi-Fi. No problem for the application can be used by Smartphone that have only a front camera, as we can stream video properly. Calls are free, as they are paid on flat rate data that we have hired. However, we must ensure that our data rate is flat because the data consumption is quite high.

Calls can be made between handsets of various brands, manufacturers and different operating systems. For example, we can call from an Android to an iPhone, or make a video call between an iPhone and other Smartphone and see their faces though both partners use different operating systems.

One of the main virtues of Tango is that it is an application that hasn't advertising.

In 2013 Tango has won several international awards: the Best Communication App (2013 Appy Awards), the Best Texting App (2013 About.com Reader’s Choice Awards), and the Must Have Apps List (2013 Verizon Wireless).





With Tango you can make video calls to friends who have downloaded this app and send video messages, in addition to do voice calls and send text messages.

A summary of the main features of Tango are: